Dyno Nobel consistent email communication
supports corporate change and ongoing employee engagement.
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Consistent email communication

supports corporate change and ongoing employee engagement.

Dyno Nobel
Industrial Manufacturing
Employee Communication & Change Management
E-newsletter, email digest, surveys, quizzes, executive emails
I know that if we need something, EmailOpen will make it happen for us every time.
They are amazingly responsive and a true partner. Over the course of the last two years, EmailOpen has turned Dyno Nobel organization on to email communication.
- Internal Communications Specialist, Dyno Nobel

The company had a long-standing print newsletter, Connections, that was transitioning to an email version for cost-cutting reasons. Dyno Nobel needed an email communication partner to provide consulting, design and technical support around this transition. It was also important that the internal communications manager at Dyno Nobel be able to easily manage the new e-newsletter by herself, with support as needed from the email service provider. In addition to the e-newsletter, the internal communications department wanted the ability to distribute corporate-wide emails on important topics, and gather timely and relevant information about the company in the forms of quizzes and employee surveys.


Dyno Nobel selected EmailOpen based on its capabilities and customer service. Dyno Nobel was looking for a partner that offered a robust platform and provided very personalized service and support. EmailOpen fit these requirements and quickly understood Dyno Nobel's needs. Dyno Nobel chose EmailOpen's powerful Message Builders platform to implement timely, easily managed and branded email communication materials. In developing the new e-newsletter, eConnect, EmailOpen implemented a number of custom solutions:

  • A customized banner and layout so that it matched the Dyno Nobel's existing corporate image and design guidelines.
  • Custom programming of Message Builders to ensure compatibility with Lotus Notes and eliminate any formatting or design issues.
  • Because of its diverse employee base Dyno Nobel translates eConnect into four languages. EmailOpen provided custom programming to allow for up to six attachments to eConnect. This allowed Dyno Nobel to attach the translated versions of eConnect without having to send them out individually.
  • EmailOpen gave Dyno Nobel the ability to integrate any pulse surveys, quizzes or other email communications directly into eConnect eliminating email overload.

Following the successful launch and implementation of eConnect, a corporate acquisition forced Dyno Nobel to consider new ways to get timely information to employees of only its division. Dyno Nobel had the idea to transition eConnect into a weekly email digest that would be sent to its employees with divisional announcements, benefit updates and other hot topics. Already a long-standing partner, EmailOpen supported the new weekly e-digest and provided customized programming to ensure a successful transition. The communications manager also leveraged Message Builders to conduct ongoing pulse surveys and a fun, annual quiz asking Dyno Nobel employees about the company's products and core values.

Throughout the acquisition, Dyno Nobel utilized EmailOpen for timely, branded change management communications to employees. Important corporate information from Dyno Nobel management was sent through the Message Builders platform. A survey was conducted as part of the communication strategy, allowing Dyno Nobel to ask employees about the integration, new values and how they felt things were working.


Today eConnect enjoys a readership rate of more than 75 percent. It is distributed to a global audience every Wednesday. Employees are engaged in what is happening with the company and understand key business announcements. All Dyno Nobel employees receive eConnect, either via their own email address or as a printed PDF at some field sites.

Throughout the acquisition employees were kept informed of changes and their impact on a regular and timely basis, helping to alleviate concerns and speculation in the workplace. The Message Builders' measurement and tracking tool allowed the communications manager to easily gather and analyze employee responses to surveys conducted during this time. As a result she could provide solid recommendations and feedback to senior leadership regarding how employees were understanding, and responding to, the acquisition and its implications.

EmailOpen and Dyno Nobel have collaborated for more than two years and during that time have evolved the core deliverable to best fit the company's needs. The internal communication department at Dyno Nobel pays special appreciation to EmailOpen's fast and robust platform, dedicated team and detailed reporting system.

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