Protecting your information is serious business.
It's our business.
Our Product


Your data is protected at every level in the IT stack.

When it comes to security enforcement, we don’t wait for a failure to happen. Instead we measure the success of our implementation. We’re proud to be using industry-leading technologies and adhere to the strictest of security standards.

Encryption and key management are implemented to protect sensitive data at every level in the IT stack including storage, databases and file servers, applications, endpoints, and network layers. Firewalls and data segmentation are setup and configured for minimal public internet exposure.

Strong authentication combined with role-based access controls allows you to enforce your organization security policies across all the application resources.

Activated upon client request, Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol provides security for communications over the networks and full encryption of your email message.

Beyond the guard, EmailOpen application servers are hosted in a state of the art 24x7x365 manned data center facility with a litany of security features - including Ingress and egress controlled by electronic keycards, mantraps and CCTV monitors - designed to keep your information safe and sound.

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