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Start with reliable communication.
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Crisis Communication

Reputable messaging to address unexpected events.

Responding quickly, efficiently, securely and in a premeditated way are the primary objectives of a successful crisis communication plan. EmailOpen's rapid deployment solution is an essential communication tool used to quickly share strategic messages that protect and defend a company's high-priority goals. To ensure global reach, our crisis communication email templates are adapted to both desktop and Blackberry readers. Our immediate distribution capabilities ensure that well thought-out plans by communication professionals are seamlessly executed. The platform can be used for proactive media outreach as well as in researching and recruiting credible allies that may assist in positive corporate positioning.

Possible deliverables include:
  • Email alerts
  • Strategic messaging
  • Executive talking points
  • Secure encrypted communications
  • Human Resource emails
  • Emergency response updates
  • Corporate updates to all field offices
  • Multi-channel and high volume communication

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