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Reinforce corporate identity
and employee brand experience

for a stronger employee engagement.

Internal Communication, Internal Marketing
Email newsletters, custom template design

Companies invest heavily in brand messages directed externally to customers and partners but frequently neglect the need to ensure that their own employees receive equally compelling and consistent communications regarding the company's value proposition. As part of an overall internal marketing strategy, we looked to rich email newsletters as a means of reinforcing internal brand messages.

  • Strengthen employee engagement with the firm and response to the company's employee-focused programs.
  • Build stronger links between the employee brand experience and customer brand experience.
  • Make communications consistent to help employees develop a single language for describing the company's purpose and activities.
  • Seize formerly missed opportunities to communicate with employees and build long-lasting relationships.


Using a customized enterprise solution from EmailOpen, we created a platform for internal brand-driven communications.

  • Use images and design formatting consistently across then entire department to reinforce brand communication.
  • Create email templates incorporating the company branding elements to connect email messaging to other corporate branded collateral.
  • Provide desktop and mobile reader-friendly email newsletters.
  • Make the newsletter design and production virtually transparent so internal communicators can focus on creating inspirational messages to strengthen brand communication and adherence to company values.

The internal marketing communications program successfully instilled and reinforced the company's key brand messages and visual images.

  • Better employee communication: Increase in employee understanding and feeling of connection with the company, its upper management, its objectives and strategies. Greater alignment and engagement that strengthens the employee experience.
  • Stronger corporate identity: Important communication pieces are quickly identified and better acknowledged.
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