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A take-charge strategy that solved serious email overload.

Healthcare provider
Internal Communication
E-newsletter, Custom Message Builder

Like many large organizations our client did not have a streamlined method for communicating with its employees via email. As a result people were experiencing email overload, receiving multiple messages per day from different departments informing them of a variety of corporate announcements.  Due to the large amount of emails coming into employee in boxes, readership was down and frustration was up.  The company needed a way to centralize company-wide emails, streamline inter-departmental communications and create, implement and enforce a policy to ensure that important messages were delivered in a coherent and timely manner.


Recognizing that a change had to take place the organization enlisted the support of EmailOpen to consolidate all disparate company-wide emails in a single, weekly communication.  EmailOpen consultants worked with the client’s corporate communications department to create an enterprise solution using a customized Message Builder that eliminated the employees’ sense of email overload while still ensuring they received all pertinent information each week.

  • Email communications from all departments are now funneled through one central source in the company’s corporate communications department.
  • One person is responsible for aggregating all of the different announcements into one single weekly email, allowing for improved consistency, predictability and manageability.
  • Message Builders streamlined production process integrates content, design and message delivery into a single step so emails are pre-formatted, professional looking and easily generated, allowing for better end-user experience and no up front hassle for the person managing the distribution.

Productivity is up, frustration is down, and important messages no longer get lost in the throes of email overload.

Since implementing the solution using Message Builders employee communications have vastly improved at the company.  With better clarity regarding corporate business initiatives employees can more completely understand and fulfill their roles. Eliminating employees’ need to read, sort and decipher mass number of emails has driven productivity levels up, and an added byproduct of the improved communications is the increased use of the company intranet, also furthering productivity.

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