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Manhattan Associates Accelerates Internal Communications

Supply Chain Leader Empowers Busy Workforce with Mobile-Responsive Newsletter

Nikki Roberson
Internal Communications Manager, Manhattan Associates
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Manhattan Associates is one of the world's preeminent supply chain companies, providing the solutions that power one out of every four retail sales. The company serves more than 1,200 customers worldwide with supply chain, inventory, and omnichannel solutions.

Manhattan Associates is an innovative technology leader in a just-in-time world (with the R&D budget, client success statistics, and Gartner rankings to prove it). Its leaders were excited to evolve the internal communications function to align with the company's brand and match pace with the rate of change in the marketplace.

Enter Nikki Roberson. Hired on as an Internal Communications Manager, Roberson realized that there was an opportunity to transform employee communications by moving bespoke emails onto a technology platform. "When I came to Manhattan Associates, the Creative Services team was designing our emails. Because the team was so busy, we needed to find a workable solution to increase our agility and get our message out to our employees faster," Roberson says.

Moving from Custom Email Employee Newsletters to a Dynamic Platform that Accelerates Internal Communications

Roberson wanted to free up the Creative Services team to work exclusively on customer work, but she also be highly responsive to her internal stakeholders, who included the company's CEO, HR team, and employees. Roberson sought to use an internal communication tool that she could manage and use to distribute timely information, such as the CEO's monthly update, and perspectives on top-of-mind issues such as immigration and Hurricane Harvey. "By increasing speed-to-market, we can be responsive to issues that affect our employees, the market, and the world in general. Internal communications should help connect the loop between the company and employees, so that our company culture reflects our values of sharing our employees' concerns and caring about their needs," says Roberson.

Roberson also wanted to implement a mobile-responsive newsletter. "The largest segment of our company works in professional services, and these employees are traveling three to four days every week," states Roberson. "It's important that our mobile workforce can read content on their phones. Our company depends heavily on email, and we need to make it as easy as possible for our employees to stay connected wherever they are."

EmailOpen's Audience Segmentation Empowers Manhattan Associates' Internal Communications Team

Fortunately, Roberson knew just who to call: EmailOpen. Roberson had used the newsletter software at IHG, where the solution went viral, and she knew it would be the perfect fit for Manhattan Associates. EmailOpen provides a robust employee newsletter platform with a content management solution featuring easy article uploading, an imagery library, and the ability to change the look and feel of the internal newsletter with each issue while still maintaining adherence to the email template. It also empowers customers like Manhattan Associates to segment their workforce, providing targeted email communications for higher impact.

Roberson produces an employee newsletter, HR Weekly, which shares health and wellness information, career development opportunities, and upcoming events with the firm's U.S. employees, who number about 1,200. The HR team produces the content, while Roberson handles the employee newsletter layout and distribution. The internal newsletter's readership averages about 60%. A separate weekly communique, the ACE Newsletter, focuses exclusively on training opportunities.

Using EmailOpen to Meet Emerging Employee Communication Needs

Roberson also manages the company's CEO newsletter, which is sent to all 2,800 employees worldwide. Since the executive newsletter provides in-depth content, she is seeking internal approval to break it into separate articles using EmailOpen's article teasers, which provide two to three lines of marketing copy to motivate readers to click through and read articles.

Roberson is also seeking to create a new employee newsletter that provides brief highlights of the "top five" issues for the week, much like the popular Skimm newsletter, which focuses on business and political news.

By increasing speed-to-market, we can be responsive to issues that affect our employees, the market, and the world in general. Internal communications should help connect the loop between the company and employees, so that our company culture reflects our values of sharing our employees' concerns and caring about their needs.

"The top-five newsletter would feature retail trends, case studies, and issues that are important to our company and our employees' jobs," says Roberson. "I'm always looking for ways to engage our employees and provide information that is interesting and relevant. EmailOpen makes it easy to deliver that kind of information and for our employees to read and click on the topics that interest them. As an internal communications team, we can also evaluate what's working and what needs improvement."

Currently, there are four internal users who use EmailOpen: two in the U.S. and two in Europe. The European staff produce French, UK, and Central European employee newsletters to make sure content is matched with regional needs.

EmailOpen's Click Map Helps Users Visualize Newsletter Readership Data

Roberson says the functions that she likes best are the email templates, which she can customize with each issue; the ability to duplicate campaigns, which saves her time as she launches new ones; and the click map. "I use the click map a lot, which shows which employees are clicking on which content," states Roberson. "I report these metrics to HR. I can do one click, and everything is visually represented."

Roberson says she uses metrics to determine what content is working and "what the saturation point is. If I run an article in HR Weekly one week and get a hundred clicks the first week and five clicks the second week, I know I don't need to run it again. We have accomplished what we need to do," says Roberson.

Roberson is constantly looking to drive results, including her own. As a one-person internal communications function, she doesn't have time to waste. "I have been using EmailOpen tool for several years, so I feel pretty comfortable with the platform. However, sometimes I need help," says Roberson. If I have a question, I can get a response the same day. The service from EmailOpen is fantastic. They are so supportive."

"I have a great relationship with Geraldine and her team," states Roberson. "I provide input about design functionality I'd like to see in new releases, and the team says, 'Thanks for this feedback.' Sometimes, I see new features I've suggested in an upcoming release."

"EmailOpen is constantly innovating, which I love," concludes Roberson. "There is always something new coming out. As both of our companies evolve, there will be even more opportunity for partnership."

Meet Nikki Roberson
Nikki Roberson is responsible for internal communications for Manhattan Associates, a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce. In her current role, she works across global teams to deliver consistent and relevant company messaging and key information across a wide variety of communication channels. Previously, Roberson served in a number of internal communications roles of increasing responsibility at hospitality giant InterContinental Hotels Group, with a focus on executive and employee communications and employee engagement initiatives.

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