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Custom rapid-development email blasts

promote Tahitian tourism to North American consumers.

Tahiti Tourisme North America
Email Marketing
Email blasts, online survey, measurement and tracking
EmailOpen has really helped us take both our internal and external communications to the next level. With amazing training and support, powerful tools, and quality analytics and reporting, we're able to get our messages out to our audiences quickly and easily.
- Jeanine Carter, Marketing Director, Tahiti Tourisme
Vacation packages, travel deals, airline specials and exquisite properties are all examples of the types of information Tahiti Tourisme needs to regularly promote to its consumer database of more than 100,000 people. And, with more than 500 partners that have continually new offerings, it was critical that Tahiti Tourisme have a quick and easy way to disseminate the information. In addition to needing an email marketing company with a highly-reliable and flexible platform, Tahiti Tourisme also required a creative partner who would design customizable templates that accurately represented Tahiti's perfected and reputable brand as a high-end tourist destination offering some of the world's most sought after travel experiences.

EmailOpen was selected to provide email marketing services to Tahiti Tourisme based on its strong commitment to personalized service, the team's willingness to create custom, easy-to-use templates, and its awareness of the importance of maintaining Tahitian brand identity. Through a series of in-person collaborative meetings, it was determined that EmailOpen would create customizable email blasts, an online consumer survey on, and accompanying management and analysis tools.

  • Email blasts - EmailOpen created three custom templates with back-end technology that allows for seamless integrated between the Tahiti Tourisme and EmailOpen Web sites, as well as a partner database. This may sound complicated but the end result is stunningly simple. Integrated links allow Tahiti Tourime's marketing director to create an email blast to more than 100,000 target consumers in just five minutes time. The custom templates have the ability to automatically pull special offers and travel deals from any of Tahiti Tourisme's partners into the email blast template, with the simple click of a button. Once partners enter travel specials into a database, the links to each deal are automatically sent to EmailOpen's platform to allow for completely streamlined email development. To keep each email blast looking fresh and in line with Tahiti's stringent branding standards, EmailOpen included a range of images to accompany the templates; the marketing director can then simply select which visuals to use when creating individual mailings.
  • Consumer Web survey - EmailOpen added a survey on Tahiti Tourisme's Web site that allows the organization to gather information pertaining to individual consumer demographics including: possible tourist activities, travel dates, ages and regional areas of interest. By obtaining this information the marketing department can develop targeted email blasts based on specific segments.
  • List management and measurement - EmailOpen's sophisticated email management functionality allows Tahiti Tourisme to keep the list of consumers completely current - all bounce back addresses are eliminated and automatic changes are made as people opt in or out of the distributions. Embedded tracking codes on email blasts give Tahiti Tourisme a thorough understanding of what travel offers are most successful and where specific requests originated. EmailOpen's detailed reporting functionality gives Tahiti Tourisme a complete view of readership, open and unsubscribe rates.

Today Tahiti Tourisme distributes email blasts each month to its growing list of more than 100,000 current and potential travelers. Targeted emails are distributed to individual segments based on data collected in the online survey during consumer sign-up on Having a communication vehicle that requires such minimal time and effort on the part of Tahiti Tourisme's marketing staff ensures its frequent distribution with up-to-the-minute travel information. The email blast is a trusted source of Tahitian travel information that has generated hundreds of leads since its inception more than 12 years ago. Known for their critical eye in ensuring that Tahiti is properly represented through the use of visuals and words, Tahiti Tourisme partners are in full support of the email blast and always eager for their specific offers to be included - a real testament to the tool's lead generation, design and overall functionality.

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