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I have been in the communications business for a long time and worked with a lot of vendors. I can honestly say that my business relationship with EmailOpen is one of the best I've ever experienced. We have great lines of communication, and the team is constantly thinking of new, innovative ways to make their own tool better. I know that when I need something, it will be done quickly, efficiently and correctly, each and every time.
- Manager, Digital Communications

The digital communications group was looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive tool with a clear interface that allowed for fast adoption and use.  They required an electronic communications partner that could work seamlessly behind the scenes.  Emails needed to appear as regular text-based messages that could be received and viewed on mobile devices and by various email systems.  They needed to be able to easily upload contact lists, effectively complete distributions and gather reports for each mailing. The company required a technology platform that functioned at a very high standard and was reasonably priced.


The company considered several providers before selecting EmailOpen.  They were impressed by how easy the EmailOpen platform was to use. With early successes, the frequency of use has risen quickly.  Working together with EmailOpen they identified some customized enhancements to improve overall efficiency, security and readership rates:

  • Nightly Sync -Because of the large number of employees and frequency of staff changes, email mailing lists required constant updating.  The communication team was getting updated lists from HR and then re-uploading them into the EmailOpen system.  Considering the large number of segmented mailing lists, and the frequency of uploading, this become an extremely cumbersome and time consuming effort. To increase efficiency, EmailOpen set up a nightly synchronization between the company's human resource “All Employee” database file and their mailing lists in EmailOpen.  This ensured nearly all permanent segment lists, as well as the overarching All Employee mailing lists, were continuously updated.  This upgrade meant that the entire distribution process became much faster and more accurate.
  • Throttling - Approximately six months after adopting the EmailOpen platform, the company began getting reports that some emails were not being delivered, or were going straight to junk folders.  In looking into the issue, EmailOpen and the client's IT team determined that the client's mail server was not able to process the suddenly new, high inflow of email traffic.  EmailOpen collaborated with the client to determine the proper speed that emails could be distributed to ensure perfect delivery.  After testing confirmed the right pace of delivery, distributions resumed without any issues.
  • Encryption - Because they are a bank holding company that is regulated by the Federal Reserve, it is required to follow specific security guidelines. To meet these requirements, EmailOpen and the IT team upgraded their mail server to support transcript security layer (TSL) encryption for all emails being delivered by EmailOpen.

In addition to the regular flow of employee communication emails, EmailOpen and the client are currently building a new Breaking News subscription allowing employees to sign up for updates as they happen.


Today, the company uses the EmailOpen platform daily successfully meeting its objective to provide regular global communications to all employees. And, in turn, employees are more aware and of important corporate information. 

They have been able to quickly train new communications personnel on EmailOpen; today, five people manage distributions using the system. EmailOpen continues to perform at, or above, expectations.

They have been collaborating with EmailOpen since 2008.  In that time EmailOpen has proven to be a safe, secure and reliable partner that is continually looking for ways to enhance the communication experience. 

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