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Employee Communication & Change Management
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Information technology departments often have a difficult time communicating with their constituents in the company they serve. Users may be confused or even phobic about technology, and IT can have a difficult time understanding issues from the user's perspective. Clear and consistent communication can go a long way towards clarifying policies and procedures while instilling an atmosphere of understanding and trust.

  • Provide a platform for delivering messages regarding new application and features rollout, application support services and events that effect users.
  • IT needed to know which communications users find most relevant and what types of content spark the most interest.
  • IT needed to demonstrate program and initiative ROI, building the case for or against certain types of communication based on user response.

Using a customized enterprise solution from EmailOpen, the IT group added clarity, consistency and visibility to the IT function firm-wide.

  • Complete, real-time measurement and reporting provides highly detailed analysis of open and click-through rates trackable by email, embedded link and recipient.
  • Forecasting features let IT predict a rollout's success and plan appropriate preparation and support via strategic communications campaigns.
  • Email becomes the foundation of the change management process.

The IT department reports increasingly smooth and successful new application rollouts.

  • Better communications: Clearly communicated benefits, instructions and support processes help combat reluctance to change and increase user adoption.
  • Less email, greater relevance: Better targeted and more effective communications reduce email overload and ensures concise and relevant information.
  • Excellent ROI: Improved communications broadens user adoption of productivity-enhancing applications and reduces time spent by IT on routine or redundant support functions.
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