Maximize sales with e-commerce integrated emails.
A solution that helped sell merchandise
and better manage inventory.
Case Studies

Maximize Sales
with e-commerce integrated emails.

A solution that helped liquidate merchandise
and better manage inventory.

Stephanie Johnson
Email Marketing
E-commerce Newsletters, Message Builder, Measurement & Tracking

Marketing a fashion-driven product involves guesswork - you're never sure what's going to be hot and what's not. Designer Stephanie Johnson needed a way to bring products to market faster, gauge response to new collections and quickly sell expensive excess inventory.

  • Quickly communicate special offers like promotions and discounts.
  • Announce new collections to generate positive buzz and stimulate in-store demand.
  • Measure product popularity to help set pricing and forecast production needs.
  • Integrate seamlessly with website offers and shopping cart.

Using a Message Builder customized enterprise solution from EmailOpen, Stephanie Johnson deployed email marketing campaigns that were fully integrated with the company's existing e-commerce web site.

  • Promotional email creation requires just a few clicks, letting the company react rapidly to marketplace circumstances.
  • Emails contain shopping cart links. User can go directly from email to purchase without website browsing.
  • Email content is pulled directly from the website database, eliminating issues of price inconsistency or bad links.
  • Emails are formatted automatically and consistently designed with brand standards and guidelines. So Stephanie Johnson personnel can focus on marketing strategy and content creation.

Stephanie Johnson quickly realized a number of benefits from EmailOpen's Message Builder integrated email/ecommerce solution, including more traffic, new customers and brand identity consistency.

  • Increased traffic, sales and conversion: Increased visitors to, greater sales and higher conversion rate as a result of improved audience targeting and more precise messaging and delivery.
  • More new and repeat customers: Increased rate of new customer acquisition and repeat purchases from existing patrons.
  • Increased brand loyalty: Customers learned to expect promotional offers and felt privileged to be the first to receive brand news and new product introductions.
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